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Now you can take care of every aspect of your crop growing:
  • Seed Manager - Keep track of all your seeds (especially their Use By dates).
  • Sow a Crop - Sow/Plant in your chosen Plot/Bed.
  • Crop Finder - Find the right crop for the time of year, growing conditions, indoors, outside, etc.
  • View your Crops - View by name, location, when sown/planted or by botanical family.
  • Submit a New Crop - Add a 'new' crop to the online database (all members can do this and share the information).
Managing your Seeds

If you can store your seeds somewhere cool and dry then some of them can stay viable for years. Even if they are kept in ideal conditions some seeds need to be sown within a couple of seasons or their germination rate drops off dramatically. The Seed Manager helps you keep track of the Use-By dates of seeds so that you can replace them before they expire.

The VGA Live!! retains a list of seed suppliers too to make the process a little easier. On the left an entry is being updated - you can keep count of the approx. numbers of seeds left too.

Once you have entered your seeds the list is available in the Crop Sowing entry form - so you can simply select the seeds to be sown - picking up the variety too.
Sowing your Seeds

Recording you seed sowings is easy with The VGA Live!! Most of it involves selecting from lists and sometimes entering the particular variety. The sowing then shows up in your Journal where you can then record further 'events' such as Thinning, Transplanting, Treatments, Harvesting, etc.
Finding the right crop

The Crop Finder offers an easy way of finding the right crop for the right growing locations. From the list of options you can get listings of crops for:
  • Sowing in specific months.
  • Harvesting in specific months.
  • Dry/well-drained soil.
  • Wetter/poorly drained soils.
  • Shady locations.
  • Growing indoors on a Windowsill, conservatory, polytunnels or greenhouse.
  • Shelterd outdoor locations - for more tender crops.
  • Open outdoor locations - for hardier crops.
The results show not only where the crops can be grown, but also what botanical family they belong to (for crop rotation purposes).

From the resulting list you can then sow a particular crop straight away by clicking on the 'Sowing' icon.

Viewing your growing Crops

You can view your currently growing crops ordered in different ways:
  • By Botanical Family
  • By Plot/Bed location
  • By Plant Name and Variety
  • By Sowing Time
The listings show details of all your growing crops with links to each crop 'history' as well as editing the original sowing.
Submit a New Crop

The online database contains cultivation instructions and details of over 180 crops. The list keeps growing too. However, if you find that a particular crop that you wish to grow is not included you can submit a 'New crop' to be added to the database.

There is an online form to fill in that requires quite a lot of detail. However, if you are not sure of all the details, some could be filled in by us. Submitted crops will not show up straight away as they need to be checked first for accuracy, etc.
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