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At the centre of The VGA Live! - is your Journal. Here are some of the things you can do:
  • Keep a log of all your gardening activities
  • Set Reminders of jobs to be done.
  • See at a glance crops that can be sown month by month
  • Search for a crop via the Crop Finder link
  • Upload pictures from your digital camera
  • Review and search all past entries
  • Record specific gardening activites via the Event icons
  • Edit your Live! Forum Profile
As you use the Journal it builds up over the seasons into a great resource that you can review at any time by simple scrolling through the months/years.

Here you can see a typical daily entry - in the right hand column are a number of Event icons. These icons indicate specific tasks that have been recorded for that day. Clicking on the icon will bring up the details of the event.

The key below shows all the different event icons and what they signify.

On the left you can see two buttons - one a link to the Profile edit page where you can set up your Avatar and other information for use in the Live! Forum.

The second button links to the Crop Finder where you can search the database to find suitable crops for growing in specific locations (wet, dry, shady, etc.) as well as at different times of the year.

The Calendar on the right is used to select the days/week for the Journal. Simply click on the required date and this will change the week displayed below. The current date is highlighted in red.

Click on the previous << and next >> links to change from one month to the next.

As the Calendar is changed some of the crops that can be sown in the current month are displayed. Clicking on the crop name will take you to the Home Grown Online Growers Database showing cultivation details of the selected crop. Click on the link more crops link in the bottom bar takes you to the top of the same database where you can browse through the 190+ crops currently included.
Adding Pictures

Click on the Camera icon to include an image in the Jounal. Currently only .jpg files are supported (this will change soon) but these are the standard format for digital cameras.

An entry box will open up between the Calendar and the diary (see below). Use the 'Browse' button to search through your computer/camera for images to upload. Once you have lcoated a suitable image click on the 'Open' button in the browse dialogue and hte name of the file will then appear in the Add a Picture entry box.

The next step is to click the 'Upload Image' button and depending on the size of the image it will be transferred to the The VGA Live!! server in a few seconds.

Once uploaded the journal shows another icon indicating there are pictures available for viewing. Click on this to bring up the Image Viewer. Here you can see step through and view all the uploaded images for the journal entry date.
Entering Text

Click on a diary Text Entry icon to open a text entry box. The entry box opens on the selected day - click the Save button when done.

Change existing entries in the same way.

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